Back to Birmingham

I am back in Birmingham for a short spell, working with my friend Jin Lee and his team Secret Forest.

Secret Forest specialise in Photography and Videography. We are working on an exciting project which will expand the reach of Michael Vincent Magic.

As you can imagine, I had my X-Pro2 with me to continue my experimentation and familiarity with it. I continue to grow deeply fond of this Camera. It simply allows me to focus on “seeing and shooting”. My people shoots are getting stronger, both candid and requested.

Birmingham continues to surprise me - as the light levels dropped, my X-Pro2  picked up the action without missing a beat. I experimented with manual focus with Highlight Red Peeking.

My day ended with a session at The Cosy Club. This is a wonderful place to chill and enjoy good food.

My filming went well with Jin and the boys as did my photography, so yes, I will be back.

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