Back To Basics

I love doing this every once in a while.

All the euphoria about the newest gear makes me feel sick at times.

It’s like what I gave isn’t good enough.

I ask myself, how good am I at creating an image?

This means taking what I have and learning to operate it impeccably.

This also means manual operation and turning off all the bells and whistles I don’t need.

I challenge myself even further by using an old Lens not design for my Fuji.


Canon FD 50mm 1.8

This lens is not designed for this camera body, but with an adapter, I can use it. And by golly it takes beautiful images if I say so myself.

New gear is great and wonderful, however, developing skills is priceless.

No new Lens will give me the skills, only practice will give me that with what I have.

I love toys.

I’m also appreciating my willingness to engage in common sense thinking and learning to appreciate that I’ve got some pretty dam good tools at my disposal.

Thanks for reading.

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