Brick Lane

This is where my adventure started, Aldgate East Station last Sunday. The night before, I made up my mind to visit the east end of London just stroll taking in this iconic part of London. I loved every minute of it. I have driven through this part of town many times, however, walking is different experience.

I was armed with my X-Pro 2 and 35mm along with my Nikon D750 / 28-300 just incase I need some telephoto shots. Most of the images were taken with my Fuji marvel.

I actually got off at Aldgate Station so I just followed the sign to Brick Lane and was greeted by The Red Dragon.

I turned left onto Osborn Street which connects with Brick Lane. Immediately, I could feel the energy and atmosphere of East London. It is so…different. The only thing to compare it with is Camden, especially as you approach Brick Lane Market. One of the first things I noticed was the Street Art. To call this Graffiti is to disprect the talent of these amazing Artist. This is some serious work going on here. I turned left onto a short alley way and saw the walls covered with an amazing visual expression of life and poetry. I had a chat with a homeless man, gave him some money for food. He was very kind and acknowledge me.

The artwork was a visual juxtaposition of commentary and humour.

Brick Lane for me represents the colour and rhythm of life - people from all walks of life just flowing, it is a beautiful thing.

This is a very long road and I felt the need to stop and just take in all the sights around me. I stood still and leaned against a lamp post and saw some fascinating sights of people.

I saw this striking lady from across the street - now I don’t mind saying, I am not shy about approaching women. I just  had to go across the road and say “hello”. She carried herself with great confidence, very sexy indeed. Her name is Holly, “The Real Red Woman”. Holly noticed my X-pro 2 and said. “that’s a nice camera”, I said it is beautiful piece of engineering. I asked her if I could take her photograph, she was very kind. She asked me if I was on Instagram, I said “yes. I am The Fuji Warrior”. Right there she took out her phone and connected with me, how cool is that? instant connection. This is the world we live in, the possibility of instant connection and engagement with anyone. All it takes is an authentic approach, warmth and humanity

Brick Lane Market is full of people, the market traders, street performers, musicians.

Coffee in a Taxi Cab, 

Life goes on…………..on one leg

Memories of the past.

Below, one of the famous shops selling Bagles….yes, that is the line of people which went outside the door.

By the time I walked the length of Brick Lane, I saw this amazing sight and knew I was a short walk away from Liverpool Street Station. Brick Lane has a lot of visual treats for any Street Photographer - I will go back over the next few weeks. I am sure I will be greeted by a lot more sights and expression. For now, I hope you enjoy my first visual collection from this amazing part of London.

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