Fuji Film knew exactly what they were doing when they released the original trilogy; XF18mm F2, XF35mm F1.4 & The XF60mm F2.4.

The XF60mm is a Macro Lens which means it can focus real close.

60mm on The Fuji X-System equals 90mm on FX so this is a short telephoto with close focusing as an added bonus. Thus means being able to the Frame.

It is also a wonderful optics for Portraits.

One more thing; for keeping my distance for candid street photography, this Lens delivers.

I have no issue with this Lens, it can be temperamental; I have learnt how to use it and she delivers fantastic images. I use this Lens to fill the Frame, not super close for bugs, that doesn’t interest. Filling the Frame is close enough for Close-Up Photography. In good light the Auto Focus works just fine.

This Lens took a lot of flack on first release 11 years ago. I personally think Fuji Film rushed too quickly to market because the original 35mm 1.4 is superb to this day. The 18mm is my favourite because I see wide naturally. The 60mm did not get the same TLC. There is no doubt it works. I just had to learn how to get the best images out of this Lens and practice.

I never listen to online opinions about anything. I took a leap of faith and discovered the original three Lens are perfect. They work just fine and render gorgeous images.

Thanks for reading.

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