Covent Garden | A Visual Paradise

One of my goals as a photographer is to create images of my home that I have never seen before.

I get very excited when taken by a moment, an expression, gorgeous scenery and life.

Having lived in London all my life, Covent Garden is like a new Paradise everytime I visit.

Today was no different.

The Weather report looked promising so I decided to go for a nice walk in the West End and create some images.

Covent Garden was busy but not packed - it’s The May Day Bank Holiday so it was perfect to walk and enjoy the scenery .

The highlight today was seeing my friend Nathan do his magic show.

He is an excellent Magician and works the crowed with great precisions, finesse and charm. Building a crowed from nothing is the real magic.

As the crowed builds, he moves his table back and encourages the new comers to get involved. Building a sizeable crowed determines how much money can be made.

Passing The Hat is a term used to collect after the performance.

Street Photography in Covent Garden particularly is all about the human narrative set against a photogenic backdrop. This made today very special.

I will return.

“Travel & Documentary Photography begins at home”.

Michael Vincent

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