My Daily Ritual

My X100T goes everywhere with me.

There isn’t a camera I have owned I can say that about, apart from my iPhone camera. This is very important to me because my “Warrior Spirit” must be ready to confront a photographic moment. Not having my camera with me is not an option. My door keys, my phone, my wallet, a deck of cards, my camera, all in my messenger bag. I am set for whatever moments may come.

My Daily Ritual is all about paying attention to the light of the day. This is important because the light can transform the mundane into something compelling.

Today, the light has been gorgeous, it is cold here in London and yet, good qaulity shooting is still an option for me. I love walking and observing. My walk yielded some interesting light. 

Check out the images below 

These images reflect more my feelings about the light than the subject matter. In the moment I took those images, I felt “compelled” to shoot.

It has become important to me to take a photograph every day. This Daily Ritual means to me that I am practicing my craft, understanding exposure a little better, practicing my vision and developing my relationship to the light even more. 

Like any habit, it reaches a point where our habits define who we become.

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