Deep Vision | The XF 16mm F 1.4

There isn’t one bad Lens in my Tool Box.

The Fuji Lens line up has reached epic proportions now.

Each Lens in my Kit serves a specific function.

The 18mm is my normal vision everyday lens.

I see Wide and Deep.

The XF 16mm is only 2mm in difference but when multiplied by the crop factor of 1.5 on my Sensor, the Lens has a field of view equal to 24mm. That’s a huge differential compared to the 18mm which equals 28mm.

This week I am practicing with 24mm.

This means getting real close.

Foreground interest is even more critical because this optics gives me even deeper depth of field. Epic sharp images right through the frame.

This is a beautiful Lens, period.

It creates an immersive experience. This means stories with layers of interest.

I would normally use this Lens when documenting an Event, Journalism, Environmental Portraits and Urban Landscape.

The next few days will reveal a deep perspective on life and the elusive expression.

To be continued


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