Since 2013, I have studied photography through reading books. This has been my preferred learning method.

Being deaf means I don’t function very well in live classrooms. Having said that, I have participated in several Workshops with Bryan Petersen.

Bryan’s Workshops took place in Seattle and were an epic adventure. This was my taste for Travel Photography.

I would most probably say Travel Photography is my number one passion.

The foundation for my photography was the simple distinction of understanding how my Camera worked.

My goal is, has and always will be to create an image of ANY SUBJECT that interest me.

The three images above couldn’t be more different. They each required me doing some specific with my Camera at the different times these images were created.

I feel very happy looking at these images because they represent growth and maturity in my understanding of creative exposure.

As a professional magician, I have been privileged to travel the world and document it with my Camera. So it made sense to me to understand how my Camera works and how to create images of different subjects.

So my overriding subject is People, Places, Culture and the EXPRESSION of life.

I wear my Camera everywhere.

This means I am always ready to create an image. I leave the house excited at this possibility.

Life always surprises me.

Every image I create teaches me something. Seeing the interplay of Light and Shadow gives me options about how to best create the image.

It’s an ongoing never ending education.

Thanks for reading

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