Elvis At 56mm - Day 4

What’s the big issue about Elvis?

Well, there is no denying, he could sing and he sang very well indeed.

I am partial to the younger Elvis from King Creole. This Elvis possessed a gritty vibe that was rooted in the culture of Black People; I felt it. The songs from that film were raw, gutsy, melodic and full of Presley energy.

The Big Issue thought enough of Elvis to put this “bad boy” on the cover.

That image is from his 1968 Special.

Black Leather Suit, slick Jet Black Hair, raw sex appeal, this Elvis was simply STUNNING.

His performance was off the charts sensational. The stand out song was “If I Can Dream” with him looking stunning in that white suit.

If I can Dream

I loved Elvis, his music and films were big highlight in my life. I was 13 when he died - I cried. I did not know him and yet, he touched my heart.


Simple, he expressed himself the only way he knew how; through a god given talent, a voice from heaven and a stylistic presentation we will never see again.😢

I dedicate this post to The Big Issue for reminding me what a BIG DEAL Elvis was.

There was a moment in time when he was the greatest entertainer in the world.

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