Expanding My Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is a very insidious place to live. While it feels safe, warm and cozy, it robs us of the possibility to grow and become more than what we think we can.

As a professional magician by trade, the very nature of practicing legerdemain, sleight of hand etc, means that I am constantly uncomfortable whilst attempting to achieve mastery in my work. I am a perpetual student in this game.

Many years ago, I attended an event hosted by Tony Robbins. I heard him say, “the quality of your life will be in direct proportion to how much uncertainty you can comfortably live with”. This meant to me to keep pushing against my barrier of comfort, keep practicing, set new goals to accomplish.

I have created the possibility of being more daring with my photography. I challenge myself to get closer to people and take more interesting photographs, candid and otherwise.

Yesterday, I did a very short photoshoot on the Southbank with my friend Day Day Well. She is a model from the USA and great to work with. I always had in mind to do some work with Models, practicing Lighting in a Studio. Day Day was one of the first Models I worked with last year.

This blog post entry is just my thoughts at the start of this new year about the direction I am heading in. It is all about confronting my fear of approaching people, working in different areas of photography. So far, I shoot on the streets, I love working Events, working with Studio Lighting and Models, Landscape, Cityscape.

The X-Pro 2 can do it all and I am thrilled this camera is so functional for all the disciplines I enjoy in Photography.

Stay tuned, lot’s more to come.

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