Expanding my Knowledge

I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon with my friend Richard and his two boys Keaton and George. Richard invited me to join them and also mentioned to me they were very enthusiastic about image creation. Well, I saw this as an opportunity to share with them what I have learnt over the last four years and have fun.

My life and career has now become about education through teaching the craft of magic through my academy and now, teaching the fundamentals of Photography. I have come to the realisation that I don’t know my subject well enough until I can teach it in such a manner that another can grasp the basic concepts and apply that knowledge.

In sharing my knowledge with Keaton and George I experienced myself being careful not to bombard them with too much theoretical concepts. I focused on The Exposure Triangle - Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, exactly as I learnt from my teach Bryan Peterson.

We hit the streets of Portobello Market and I shared how I see the world while encouraging the boys to shoot anything that caught the heart and eye. I told them to express their vision, I was amazed by what they saw and how they created their images. Keaton wasn’t afraid to stand on a big pile of concrete slabs and shoot looking down, George captured a gorgeous reflection of a tree in a puddle with a worms eye view of life walking by.

I was very proud of the boys. They were fearless warriors with their cameras, especially when it came to capturing candid moments.

I really love creating images in Portobello Market, it is so photogenic and full of interesting characters. It was a perfect playground for the boys to explore and express their vision.

As I was coaching the boys, I got present to what a privilege it is to teach young people. Supporting them with their confidence, building self esteem, courage and nurturing their desire, will and discipline. Keaton and George both possessed such a joyful and wonderful spirit for life and adventure. Their dad, Richard, is one of the finest magicians in the world so it’s no surprise to that his boys have this wonderful expression in their lives. 

I am hopeful and optimistic for the future for the boys, myself and Richard. It is all about love, creation, contribution and service in the present - the future will take care of itself.

Finally, the success of the day for me was seeing the boys happy, life doesn’t get any better than that.

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