Expanding My Skill Set

When I started studying Photography seriously, I had no specific genre in mind. My focus was learning how to use a Camera.

Two words the governs all of my skills in multiple areas of interest are:



Sounds reasonable enough.

Learning how to use a Camera has taken me nine years of hard but passionate study.

These images are a collection I created through Canons Park. I was the guest speaker at an event. I had to walk through the Park to get to the venue.

The Park was nice and felt very photogenic. I had my Camera with me and created a few images along the way.

These images could be considered Landscape. -that’s how I treated it.

A subject about the Land, the Trees and Nature.

So my technique was focused on achieving reasonable effective depth of field. I’m very happy with these images because they clearly communicate the beauty of nature and how gorgeous the Light was, as I experienced it.

This is an example of what I call competency and effectiveness in knowing how to use my Camera for the subject at hand.

My Camera settings are governed by the subject, location, time of day, context and Lens. This is why it has taken such a long time to understand how it all works.

I am still learning and growing.

It’s a beautiful elegant study.

The Light makes it so interesting

To be continued

Thanks for reading.

All I ate created with The X-Pro 1 and the XF18mm F2

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