Food Narrative

I am not the greatest cook in the world.

Let’s just say “Competent & Effective”.

With my Camera near by, it becomes an interesting narrative about documenting the process.

The ingredients make for interesting still life subjects.

It becomes a challenge now to arrange the elements into an interesting composition.

Once the cooking starts, it takes on a new life and transformation.

The Story is taking shape, mum is hungry, can’t keep her waiting. Fortunately, Carabonara is a cook it and serve piece of food magic.

No time to dilly dally.

Once it’s ready, the final presentation is set for its photographic expression.

I don’t specialise in food photography. My identity is attached to documenting my journey through life. Whatever moment I find myself in will surely present me with photographic opportunities.

My goal has been to master my camera so that I can create an image of any subject that interest me.

Food I find interesting - snap

Let’s eat.

It’s as good as Carluccios

Thanks for reading.

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