Fuji Magic

I was doing a show last night and was very happy with the outcome - smiles, laughter and astonishment. My X100T was with me and I caught a few shots. As a portrait camera it works beautifully. This shot below was taken by my friend Alec after the event.

The X100T is wonderful for all genre of photography

The venue I was working has the most enchanting stair case. I will let the magic of the X100T communicate the beauty of this stair case for itself. This image was shot in jpg  with light editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

I have a thing for stairs; here is another shot of a truly magnificent stair case created by Cecil Brewer. This shot was taken with the XT-1 last year using the 10-24 Wide Angle lens

I never leave home without my camera, you just never know when the the next keeper shot will come from.

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