FV | Candid Vision

Creating Candid Images is a very powerful expression of photography.

I like it.

Operating in stealth mode is very powerful.

My secret weapon is the XF56mm 1.2. This 85mm Lens is perfect for this style of photography.

The 85mm field of view is narrow which means I am at least 10 metres away from my subject. This is about right and feels correct, the Lens is really beautiful.

I feel that Candid Images is all about Humanism and Observation; waiting for the moment to present itself.

Using a longer focal length works for me because Candid Photography equals keeping my distance and not impacting the moment by intruding on it.

The XF56mm 1.2 is perfect and also doubles up as a fine optics for Portraits.

Candid moments is now a part of my documentary style.

To be continued.

Thanks for reading

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