FV | My Street & Travel Kit

If you have followed my Journal, you will have come across the gear I use regularly. It has taken me a long while to narrow down my kit into workable, practical and efficient solution for the images I actively seek out.

Let’s break this down so you can understand my choices.

Firstly, My Subjects:

PhotoJournalist-Travel - Documentary - Portraits - Life

People - Places - Culture - Events

My Subject Matter covers a specific focal range based on how my Eyes work naturally.

I see Wide & Long

This means, based on all of my research, experimentation and feedback from my images, I discovered my Natural Focal Length are;

Wide - 28mm

Telephoto - 75mm

The Image at the very top features my XT1 Camera paired with the stunning XF50mm. Beside it is the XF16mm F2.8.

The XF16mm F2.8 has replaced my XF18mm F2 because it stopped working. I will get it repaired. However, I have grown to enjoying using the XF16mm - it is equal to 24mm - that’s only an additional 4mm. I off set that by zooming with my feet. I chose the 18mm/28mm because I get the natural wide view without too much optical trickery wide angle Lens are known for.

The Telephoto options is perfect for Portraits and Candid moments.

This Set up is perfect for a day out or Travel. My only addition would be to use two bodies, I hate changing Lens when out.

So my Vision Covers Wide & Long.

Looking at my options, My Tool Bag covers a range from 10 mm right up to 210mm.

This is why the Fuji XF18-55mm F2.8-4 is superb.

The focal range hits my sweet spot - all without changing Lens.

Very Soon, I will share images from my One Day Trip to Paris.

To be continued.

Thanks for reading

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