FV | The XT1 - An Appreciation

I have been using my XT1 extensively over the last few weeks. This Camera came out in January 2014. I got mine that year to compliment my X100T - this was a formidable set-up.

It took me a while to fully bond with The Fuji EcoSystem. The Mirrorless Approach felt different and it took time for me to fully appreciate its power.

Here we are now in 2023 and The Fuji X-System has released the X-T5. I find it astonishing my original classic is seven years old and STILL DELIVERS fantastic images.

This first generation model shoots with a 16 megapixel Sensor. 16 Megapixels is fantastic for many reasons. The Raw Files are manageable, my Computer and hard-drive can cope with this number without grinding to a halt

The Film Simulations and Raw Files all migrate and integrate with my copy of Lightroom for seamless editing. I don’t need to upgrade or change what I am doing.

One of the very first images I created was of David Bowie shortly after he died. I went to Brixton to photograph the Muriel painted of him. I was stunned by the jpeg quality when I had it printed.

I get tremendous enjoy using my X-T1 - why would I trade it i?

I will not be any happier with the latest and greatest.

I just finished my show tonight. I created a few images ot my friend Chris in action. The Camera and the XF23mm 1.4 handled the low light room effortlessly.

My Camera is a keeper.

Thanks for reading

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