Garden Party

My friend Arvind, invited to me a Garden Party today.

This was quite lovely - right on my door step, Hamilton Terrace, was a lovely residence with the most spectacular Garden I have seen since I photographed at Kew Gardens.

I learnt something from this visit - there are a of people in London who open the doors to their homes to show off their amazing Gardens and their love for Plants and Decorations etc.

I thought to myself, whoever did this has displayed a lot of care, attention to detail and love in how they presented their passion of plants and Garden Landscaping.

I received a booklet on arrival which advertise Gardens to Visit for 2017 - if this is of interest to you, visit the website for more details:

Special thanks to Arvind and the great guests I met today.

All images were shot using the amazing Fuji X100T with Classic Chrome Simulation - Aperture Priority with ISO 1600. It had been raining so the overcast conditions were perfect for the light.

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