Golden Hour

For some strange reason, I am getting earlier without even trying.

06:00 am

This means when I go for my morning coffee, I am catching the golden time of day.

The golden hour is the magical light early morning and sunset.

This is what we live for.

The last few days has seen very nice weather with a rich colour temperature.

I adjusted my white balance to enhance that golden feeling.

Living in London doesn’t mean I will get this quality of light everyday. Life here is unpredictable where the weather is concerned.

I have learned to accept the UK climate and work with it.

It’s ok, even overcast days can be useful - golden days present a different quality of light. When it does, I take the opportunity with both hands.

Finally, light is light.

Somedays, the clouds are in the way - the Sun is still present.

Golden hour is all about time of day.

Early morning Sunrise snd Sunset.

That’s it, I am off to bed. ☺️

Thanks for reading

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