Heaven……..in the palm of my hand.

I wasn’t prepared for this.

Love at first sight is a hackneyed cliche and yet, there is no deniying the impact of an emotional experience.

Every great craftman loves the tools of his trade. 

Michelangelo and his Hammer and Chisel.

Stephane Grappelli and his Violin

Roger Federer and his Tennis Rackett

The Samurai and his Sword.

This relationship, this oneness is magical. The emotional and psychological connection between heart, mind, body, spirit and the inanimate become one. The expression and joy of creation a living testimony of the creative soul at work.

This is how feel right now with my new companion, The X-Pro 2.

I am inspired.

The Fuji Warrior is alive, the dawning of a new year is here, I am ready.

Heart, Mind & Vision ready to go to work with a faithful servant.

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