In the Zone

The image above was shot at:

ISO 400, Aperture F22 with a Shutter Speed of 1/2500 with a -2/3 exposure compensation.

I also preset my Focus to 2 Meters - this resulted in a deep front to back sharpness of an image.

There are a lot of Bicycles in Maida Vale and this quartet was ripe for an image.

I mention all of this because it continues from my last post on Manual Focusing and Zone Focusing.

It’s is a tricky concept and yet, it is beginning to make sense.

These images were set at an Aperture of F11 with my ISO on Auto. Pre-Focus set to 2 Meters. This gave me a depth of field from 4ft to infinity on my Canon FD 24mm Lens.

One thing I have noticed is the speed at which Zone Focusing gives me when capturing moments.

This is AMAZING - see a potential moment and go for it.

Auto focus cuts into that time frame by 1/1000 of a second.

As you may know, that time difference can mean Silver or Gold in image creation.

Whilst on the train today, I practiced my distance to create some candid momeqnts.

On the Streets, Zone Focusing and Candid Moment are a match for that magical expression of life caught in 35mm.

Finally, a few moments of my mother with her friend Valentina were created at F8 with a pre-set of 2 Meters. I really like this addition to my Photography.

It’s fast, fluid and I am coming to terms with my distance.

My Canon Lens at 24mm on my XT1 behaves like the classic 35mm so this my favourite field of view.

More to follow.

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