January 1st 2017 - New Adventure

This is the scene that greeted me on the first day of 2017 - a quiet, peaceful and empty stage for life to begin. I wasn’t expecting anything different.

There was definitely signs of life from the night before, New Years Eve certainly leaves its mark on the environment.

As a new year begins to unfold, the familiar begins to take shape. South Kensington, Cafeterias getting ready for the Breakfast rush, the smell of Coffee fills the air.

Life continues on the ice, the last remnant of Christmas of gone.

Travelers ready for the New Year break away.

So it begins, the new year, what adventures await us? All I know is, my camera is ready, my vision is clear and I am ready to capture life in the frame. 

Capturing the humanity of 2017 is my mission.

Fuji XT-1 paired with the 35mm 1.4

ISO Auto-200 - 3200

Shutter Speed min 1/125

Using Format