January come and gone

Well, it is been a fast paced month to this new year, January has disappeared like one of my magical illusions. As I look over the images from my X100T, I can place my movements and activities over the last week.

It has been great; coaching students, business presentations and filming new content for my Coaching Academy.

Just got back from Birmingham and this has been my second visit for this new year. I really love the vibe of Birmingham, it has begun to feel like an extension of home for me. I feel very comfortable there, the people are cool, friendly and easy to engage with. My filming went extremely well with my buddy Jin Lee. 

Once again, I enjoyed the ambiance of The Cosy Club, this is such a cool place hang out. The Food is great and a very popular place with the after work crowd.

Enjoyed trip to Canary Wharf this week, this is another great place to shoot. I am paying more attention to the reflections in the buildings. This makes for interesting perspective on life in 35mm.

Finally, I don’t particularly enjoy photographing homeless people. I find it sad to begin with. I don’t feel compelled to take a photograph. I feel the vulnerability of the homeless and allow them their space and dignity. I saw this moment because a story flashed through my mind.

When I saw this scene, my immediate thought was “shutting yourself away from life”. I thought, here is a potential genius, what has been your story? How did you end up here? Why are you no longer willing to embrace life?

This images speaks to me beyond the obviousness of being homeless.

Questions……no answers, just a moment to ponder.

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