Kodachrome On Fuji

My journey in image creation began way after the era of Kodachrome Film.

This was magic from another dimension.

Having studied the work and images of Steve McCurry I came to appreciate this very special roll of Colour Film.

It is no longer in production - if it was, a roll would be in my Canon A1

I did a google search on creating the Kodachrome look on my X100T and XPro 2 and sure enough, I came across a website that answered all my question.

I set my Camera up following the suggestion on how to get Fuji’s Classic Chrome to look as good as Kodachrome.

It’s a very impressive look, albeit digital.

The original film slides from the 1950s onwards have a beautiful tone and texture that I like.

I have created a custom look on my camera which I can plug in and set very quickly using the custom bank settings.

It works like a charm.

I am off to South America this week and I have a strong vibe that this film look and South America will go hand in hand.

Stay tune. ❤️

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