Kombolova, Zagreb

Woke up this morning to the surprise of snow. It was cold the night before, however, I did not sense it was cold enough to snow. The is Kombolova, part of New Zagreb. I have been coming here for the past 4 years. I like it here in Zagreb. I find it laid back, peaceful and a good place to just be and think.

Vladimir and I enjoyed our morning ritual of coffee and cakes. This was the first time I sat inside. I have only ever visited in the summer and out in the sun. 

Second day of the new year and people here are just getting on with it.

Kombolova is connected to the main city centre by a network of road trams. The local area is easy to navigate, however with a big motorway system running through the town, the subway tunnels makes crossing the roads less hazardous.

I am always looking for light enchanting moments.

Finaly, the X-Pro2 is holding up well. I love it.

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