Land of the Giants

I really love the mini figures from Lego.

Photographing them is great with a macro Lens and Flash set up.

My interest has been Marvel Comics, Star Wars and Movie Characters.

One of the things I found frustrating was having to purchase the big Lego Sets just to build my  Marvel Avengers Set. eBay and Amazon came in handy, however, resentment set in when I noctice the outrageous prices for the mini figures.

I am so glad I found a company that specialises in Lego mini figures of famous characters. They are called Mini Figures - Check them out, they have a great collection. I built my movie characters from their range and they look great.

I have a lot of fun photographing these because of the 1:1 life size representation on my image sensor. The characters come to life.

I am a Lego Photographer along with everything else I enjoy creating images.

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