Light, Colour & Gesture

One of my favourite Photographers is the legendary Jay Maisel. He is famous for the photographic work he did on the classic album “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis

His book “Light, Colour & Gesture” really opened my eyes. It inspired me to see deeper into the context of my images.

Looking for the illusive quality that brings an image to life. Something magical, it could be light or colour or something more indescribable, “gesture”. Now there is word I would never have thought of associating with image creation.

Gesture - how on earth does an image have a gesture? I really struggled with this one. I came to a point where I just said to myself, trust your feelings about what inspires you to shoot - the gesture will be there. I have given up trying to express it in words.

If one of my images inspires you then the colour, light & gesture all play their part in the conversation. It’s a delicate tap dance where all the elements brings out the best in each other.

Sometimes, the light inspires me before colour and gesture make their presence felt, other times, my eye is drawn to colour. As Jay Maisel says, “be open to the whatever comes”.

I new this would be a black and white image. The elements here is all about story. The sleeping lady, did she get up early? The other lady, is your book engrossing? I love the juxtaposition - I was just observing life, people being people. The gesture here for me was my feeling about how I saw people engaging this concept of life.

I am grateful to my eye and heart along with my camera. I can document my journey and just share my point of view.

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