Light, An Enchanting Love

Tonight, I was in my local bar with my friend Brian. My X100T was around my neck and ready. The atmosphere was dark for this particular establishment, so whatever light was available made for a very somber mood. I didn’t  think, I saw the heart shape on the cup of coffee and took a shot. What was interesting to me more than the subject was the quality of light on the subject, the shape of the heart.❤️

I have read in numerous sources the importance of light on your image creation. I would say after three years of studying photography I am beginning to really notice and feel the quality of light around me. I noticed this feeling when I saw the lemons in the image above. The yellow colour spoke to me in this somber setting.

This final image really struck me as a message about light. There are two ambient light sources at play here; the light source inside above the door and the street lamp illuminating the green leaves.

The lesson for me in this exercise tonight was simply enjoying my relationship with light through my X100T.

Why do I say relationship?

What else can it but a relationship? 

A magical relationship where I pay attention, acknowledge, allow myself to be seduced and enchanted by a most gorgeous love with so many alluring temperatures, colour and moods - WOW, bring it on.

One Final note:


Aperture Priority

Manual Focus with red Highlight Focus Peaking

Using Format