Light Source and The X System Part One

When I first invested in my Flash, I was intimidated beyond measure. I did not have a clue.

The manual might as well have been about quantum physics let alone an independent light source.

I gave up in sheer frustration.

Two saviours came to my rescue.

Bryan Peterson and Neil Van Nierkerk.

These two brilliant Photographers both wrote excellent books on the subject of using Flash in our image creation. In my opinion, they both succeeded in making a complex subject easy to understand, apply and achieve success.

I began to enquiry, why was it so complicated in the first place? Now, I have a complete and intuitive understanding of what is going on.

If you have come across the post by random searching, consider this.

Understanding the creatively correct exposure of ambient light is a pre-requisite before implementing Flash into your image creation. Once this has been fully grasped, the next stage is to simply understand that adding Flash to an ambient scene is nothing more than adding more light. Our job as image creators is creatively apply this secondary light source in such a manner that it is beautiful and deceptive.

I have used the word deceptive because I am a professional magician and deception in my world translate into my audience thinking and feeling I did nothing suspicious and yet, the magic happened - that is magic. In Photographic terms, I intend that my use of Flash looks as if NO Flash was used at all.

The books by Bryan and Neil taught what I needed to know and how to achieve this subtle and yet magical blending of Ambient and Flash together into a seamless magical expression that flatters my subject.

I still use my Nikon Cameras however, it was important to me as a Fuji Shooter to understand if my Flash equipment works with my XPro 2 and XT1 - it does and works perfect, on camera and off.

These images were created using On-Camera Flash and Off Camera Flash and the control and direction of light is good.

Tonight, I created this image of my mother who Photographs very well.


Lens - 56mm

ISO 200

Shutter Speed 1/60sec

Aperture: 1.2

Flash Value: 1/32

I am traveling to Lebanon in a few weeks and I am taking my Fuji Kit plus Flash. I just know that with my Flash and Trigger in my bag, I can create an image with my Fuji Kit even when the light levels drop.

This is a beautiful thing.

Thanks for reading.

Happy shooting.

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