Little Venice

As the end of 2016 approaches, I took to the streets today just to breath, clear my head and just be. My favourite place to walk is along The Grand Union Canal. I decide to take my X-T1 paired with the 14mm lens.

I really love this Lens, the field of view is expansive, magical and it pulls you right into the scene.

These images of Trees makes me feel like climbing them. The depth of field control from the 14mm is marvellous and shot wide open creates lovely out of focus bokeh.

I really enjoy getting low to the ground with strong foreground interest. 

When it comes to photographing people, the use of a wide angle lens can be very deceptive. This speaks to me as a practicing magician. Candid shots of people are fascinating, I don’t want to disturb the mood of the scene.

Little Venice is very enchanting. Using this 14mm lens allowed my a lot of room to capture my neighbourhood in a new way. The expansive view made the environment even more majestic.

Finally, the one thing that made these shots compelling for me, as always is the light. I knew today would be full of deep of contrast and mood. 

The light was perfect - I like to expose for the light and then apply compensation under exposure to create the mood I am after. All the images where shot in Aperture Priority. Auto ISO - 200-3200. Exposure compensation Plus matrix and spot metering where required.

Every shot I take becomes a self portrait. 

Even the Shadow of The Fuji Warrior feels the light.

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