Little Amsterdam

Maida Vale may as well be called “Little Amsterdam”.

We have The Grand Union Canal snaking its way through Little Venice.

People live on Barges.

My neighbourhood is full of Bicycles.

Bicycles are everywhere.

It’s a perfect representation of The Netherlands; Canals & Bicycles.

I don’t got get bored creating images of people on their Bikes because they are all so different; same subject, just a different context.

Texting while Cycling will soon become illegal. I think this Cyclist was reading his map. Nevertheless, its becoming hazardous for road saftey.

Cycling is the number one mode of transportation next to taking The Tube. There is a sense of independence and freedom about it.

Some people prefer to take their Bikes out for a walk.

For some, Cycling is an expression of adventure and unbridle courage.

Maida Vale reflects a part of London which is full of character.

Bicycles and their owners are a big part of what makes living in this part of London so special.

Thanks for reading x

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