London, today.

Sunday is a perfect day to take a camera walk in London. The vibe and energy is not as frenetic as during the week. Nevertheless, there are photographic opportunities waiting to be caught.

Today, my vision was set for capturing people, just being…..people. It occurred to me, most people were in their own little world - the world of their phones. It seems there is more connection in phones than with people interacting with each other.

I challenged myself this year to capture more shots of people. The X-Pro 2 paired with the 35mm f2 is perfect, it is just a black box that doesn’t attract attion like my D750. I love this Fuji because it supports me in being effective and invisible. Once again, my skill in misdirection means most of my shots happen on the off beat and yet, I am still able to capture a glance or a look in my direction while not appearing to pay my subjects any attention.

These two shots capture the joy of women enjoying their day out. The second shot shows the lady catching me capturing their moment. She didn’t mind, I smiled, she smiled back.

Stealth Mode is the best mode, with a little bit of misdirection.

Buskers and Fuji Warrioress at work. This lady was shooting the XT-1 she looked happy, I said hello, we connected as fello Fuji Shooters. The Buskers were in full flow particularly the Drummer, she was banging hell for leather. I tipped their hat - this is street photography protocol. 

Speakers Corner is “THE” place to capture some of London’s interesting characters.  This part of London is famous for individuals standing on the soapbox and sharing their point of view about all manner of conversations; global affairs, politics and religious opinions. I walked and photographed the interesting faces that caught my eye. I was fascinated listening to the conversations and also watching the faces of the listeners. It’s all rather subjective and at the end of the day, every man has to find his own way in this life.

Characters from all walks of life with something to say, hoping it will make a difference someway somehow.

Finally, I saw these images fruit  and I saw life. Look at what mother natures gives us, asking for nothing in return.

I give thanks.

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