Maida Vale - My Home

I have lived in Maida Vale all my life.

I love this place and can see myself here for the rest of my life.

My neighbourhood is changing. 

New developments are taking place right where I live. 

I am using this opportunity to record my neighbourhood because in two years it will not look the same. The image above is of a dormant premises once owned by a seamstress on the left and Rita on the right. Rita’s Cafe was my morning chill out zone. Tea, Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch and the most friendly family from Madeira. 

They have left and I miss them. 

What remains is an empty shell of a place.

As a photographer and social commentator, it is my duty to think like a tourist and find moments of interest for my camera. Part of the joy is recording the ordinary and making it look extraordinary. My Maida Vale is an extraordinary place when viewed through my camera.

My road is full of Classic Cars, and Motor Bikes - every day is a showcase for Aston Martins, BMW. Mercedes. It’s as good as The Motor Show.

Beauty to be found right under your nose in this part of London.

And yet, I am astounded by what a dump it has become. 

As a photographer, I have to paint with light and create art out of rubbish.

As a place to live, I have no complaints.

I am part of the community and is a part of me and documenting life here is a wonderful privilege in my life.

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