Making Connections

My personality as a Street Photographer is all about making connections with people - this comes from my work as a professional magician. I can’t help it, it is who I am. 

Without connections, who are we?

I walk about with a smile on my face, camera at the ready.

I am observing life, people, places and the culture of the streets around the world.

My hearts inspires me to say hello to anyone I find interesting and feel the moment with.

I saw this gentleman and said simply “awesome hair style dude” his face lit up and said “thanks”. 

I genuinely meant it. 

My compliment to him had no agenda. We spoke for a little bit and then…, I said the magic words, “I am a street photographer and capture Street Portraits of interesting people, may I shot your Portrait?

The rest is history.

Compliment first

Build rapport for through conversation and then..


This is how I approach Street Portraits.

The magic is in the Rapport with people not the camera.

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