Memories of Amsterdam

I visited Amsterdam many times over the last 10 years. I love it there; the life style and energy appeals to my sensitivities.

My neighbourhood has started to remind me of Amsterdam of late. It’s because of the Bicycles every where, everyday.

It has become as common as Amsterdam to see Bicycles everywhere.

As an image creator, I find this most charming, it adds to the suburban landscape. It communicates life, energy, intention and creative lifestyle.

As a mode of transportation it comes with many benefits to those who embrace it.

I love people watching and documenting what I see. People on their Bicycles reveals a lot to me about their character. I see so many variations, styles and expressions.

A life on wheels Vs walking is an interesting observation.

This documentation is more about humanism and expression than any specific location where Bicycles are the norm.

In The Netherlands, Bicycles are big part of the culture. It’s a world children are born into and I can imagine how excited it must be to get a Bicycle for your birthday.

To see children on their Bicycles is to experience an adventurous freedom.

Bicycles are a big part of life now in my neighbourhood.

The human element continues to amaze me; I just wish people would be a little more considerate with how they park their Bicycles.

There is no congestion charge or penalties yet for blocking pavements - not yet.

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