My Daily Motor Show

I really love my neighbourhood.

It has a sense of peace and calm tranquility that makes living here a great blessing.

Maida Vale connects with Warwick Avenue which leads into Little Venice. This means I am treated to a daily extravaganza of photogenic opportunities.

My Daily ritual is creating images of the great motor cars in my neighbourhood.

Everyday is a Motor Show - my only challenge is to do justice to the classic cars I see. To create images that bring out the majesty of their design and brand power.

This Orange Bentley blew me away. I met the owner and he was very kind, he allowed me to create these images. This car really stood out, it was vulgar and yet it retained its class. My neighbourhood is quite understated and yet, manages to communicate a quite charming dignity. So this bold Bentley dominated attention on this day.

A classic car is all about the brand power.

You just know you are covered when covering certain power brands.

They make a statement about that stand for when it come to motor engineering, quality and class.

My personal favourite is the Aston Martin. There are two on my road, the DB9 and the Rapide.

This is my Motor Show.

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