My Golden Rule

This will sound corney, however, at the risk of ridicule, I will state that I do not leave home without at least two decks of cards, my iPhone and at least one of my Fuji Cameras, usually the X100T. This is my day to day “moment catcher”.

I have been caught many times without my camera and deck of cards much to my annoyances because I missed an opportunity to create some magic with the tolls of my trade.

You may have noticed I did not mention leaving my phone at home. Leaving my phone at home is non negotiable, because being deaf, I need this device to communicate with my students, friend and clients. Seriously, the iPhone keeps me connected. Plus the fact, it has an awesome camera attached, I can always capture a moment in stealth mode when time is of the essence. 

I started capturing images today while enjoying breakfast at my local Coffee Shop. Nothing spectacular, just odd moments of light that appealed to my eye. I was on my way to coach a student in the fine art of sleight of hand. Catching the train to Victoria Station yielded a few moments of merit.

I just never know what the day will bring. I allow myself the privilege of “feeling” the moment. The lady with Blond hair was such a moment. I can’t explain it, I just felt capturing her in this moment.

The stove glowing red against the contrasting fire appealed to me.  This is my photography, no one else’s. I shoot what I feel, for my pleasue and self expression. 

Victoria has really surprised me. It has become so built up with incredible architecture it is quite fantastic. I caught a few moments, reflections and people at work.

After coaching my student, I decided to walk back through St.James Park. Buckingham Palace looked splendid. Tourist had the same intention, capturing moments.

This image made my day. A lovely young lady asked me to take her photograph using her phone. She posed beautifully and looked confident. She was happy, I asked, “can I have for myself”? she said “sure” and gave me her killer pose, this is my shot of the day. If you look closely, you can see two models, I know which one I prefer. 

On my way home, I stopped off for a Hot Chocolate and did some practicing. My last few shots of the day reflected my mood. I was happy, content and at peace. I have two passions that bring me joy, I earn my living with a deck of cards and occasionally with my camera. I give thanks to whatever Gods may be, for my lot. 

I am grateful.

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