My Journey So Far

This image of The Great Wall of China will forever by a reminder of where my Photography was five years ago. This was created using a camera I still pine for, The Nikon D90.

In hindsight, I question myself now as to why I sold it for an upgrade?

Silly me - GAS, what a fool.

Such is life.

If truth be told, this journey I have been on has been a process where I realised that less is truly more.

The Fuji Warrior is my spirit - I feel it.

The Camera I use is a part of my spiritual DNA, my identity.

I did not know this back in 2013.

I felt so inadequate operating my camera it’s a small miracle I came away with a memory of China that I still cherish. Auto mode back then saved me from really knowing the depth of my ignorance.

The people I have met on this journey have been wonderful. My greatest teachers have been my subjects. They taught me the true art of image creation is about clicking with them not my Camera. Rapport is the magical ingredient that makes a Portrait work.

The Fuji System and I met, courted for a while and then our relationship settled. I was still using my Nikons because I still love the big DSLR, they fit too and yet, my spirit and kiezen was for Fuji. The tool worked well because I completely immersed myself in understanding how a camera actually worked.

Understanding Exposure became my mission. Bryan Petersen became my coach and friend. He made a big impact on my life.

The Fuji X100T is the Camera that opened my eyes to the glory of Light.

Six years of study, reading books, studying photos, visiting exhibitions, you name it, I did it.

This little camera was the key that unlocked my vision and potential. Now, when I use my Nikons, I know what is going on inside this light sensitive box.

When those immortal words were uttered; “let there be light”, this craft become a possibility. To contain such an illusive entity inside a dark container for specific period of time has become a source of wonder. When I print my images, I am holding much more than a moment in my hand. A photograph represents tangible proof that a ray or sun beam of light can be held for all eternity.

A photograph represent Light in a tangible form.

So, after six years of Travel and image creation, I now understand by 1% what I am doing.

I think I have clocked over 10,000 images so I can sense I am getting a little better at this.

It takes time to mature at anything in this life.

There is nothing else I want to do with my life now except perform Magic, Travel and create images.

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