My Visual Identity

My Photographic Identity is slowly revealing itself to me. This daily Journal of words and images is showing me exactly what is going on inside of me.


Lots of it.

A lot of my images reveal SPACE.

The 28mm Field of View is my natural Frame. Seeing Space, deeply and wide feels natural. I feels this expansion opening up inside me.

Every image I create is a Self Portrait.

I am studying deeply my own images.

What is it about Space that speaks to me so much?

This is a very good question.

As I ponder over my images, I feel something deep.


These images I created today reveal to me how much space has been created in my neighbourhood. Old building replaced by new infrastructures.

Road Works coming to an end.

A new identity emerging.

Destruction always occurs before any rebuilding.

The Butterfly is a reminder that death is an expression of life - life breaks free often through a challenging transformation.

Transform we must.

Thanks for reading x

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