Old Zagreb - My Last Day

With today being my last day here in Croatia, I decided to hop on the number 6 Tram and head straight into the old town. The heavens opened up and a blizzard made its presence felt. My immediate reaction was one of; “this is great shooting weather”. I knew my X-Pro 2 would hold up under this extreme weather condition. It did and I got some nice keepers for my walk.

I saw these images in Black & White, however, shot them in colour and did a conversion using Snapseed on my iPad. The monochrome looks decent and communicates the impact of my morning. Before I became passionate about image creation, I would be cursing the weather like there is no tomorrow. Now, rain, snow, overcast, cloudy conditions are great reasons to leave the house with my camera. It’s amazing what a little black box can do for ones attitude towards life.

After my morning Coffee ritual, I caught the Tram into the city centre. Camera at the ready for some candid moments. I love the X-Pro2, it is perfect for candid moments. The 27mm provides enough room for the subject to breath and give a sense of context to the image.

I have enjoyed visiting Zagreb many times since 2014 and each time it appears fresh and inviting. Today, with the snow and cool light, it appeared different. When I got off the Tram, I really appreciated feeling and being a part of this historic city. My in built GPS took care of me, I knew where I was and I knew I could walk this city, Camera in hand, capturing moments of light and colour that spoke to me and appealed to my vision. 

The vivid expression was matched by the X-Pro2’s gorgeous 24mp output. While on the road, I don’t want to waste time editing images. My iPad is perfect for the Jpegs coming straight from the camera. With light Contrast Adjustments in Snapseed, I have my expression of the moments exactly as I want them.

It was important to me today to capture the essence of Zagreb through its people. Like London, the city centre is a buzz of energy, however, there is a sense of levity in the air.

The Advent celebrations are over, the Mayor has commissioned a Public Ski Slope for the children to Ski on which was fascinating to watch. I bought a Hot Dog and some Mulled Wine, munching away, observing and shooting passers by that interested me. 

As I reviewed  these images, I am present to the fact that I share this planet with fellow humans all doing exactly what I am doing. Just going about life and my business not bothering anyone. Just being happy and at peace with this game we call life.

Well time to say farewell to this intriguingly beautiful city. I hope to return, I like it here. My camera likes it too. I feel privileged to see the world in 35mm and to entertain its inhabitants with a deck of cards, life doesn’t get any better for me. Until the next time Zagreb, thank you for your warm hospitality. ❤️

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