Self Expression

I am daring myself to be much bolder with my camera.

My internal Warrior is saying take the shot.

When this lady got on the train, I knew I had to take her photograph, candidly of course. Her expression was joyful and not disturbing the moment would have been a pattern interrupt. So, in the spirit of the true Fuji Warrior, my X100T was set to F 5.6, ISO 3200, 1/30th sec and caught this moment.

When I saw this fella, I knew this was a keeper. I have no idea what was going through his mind. Nevertheless, I stood right in front of him, looked up as if he wasn’t there and pretended to shot some Birds above. I did a quick review on the back of my X100T, actually preparing the shot of this gentleman through the live view, looked up as a I took the shot I was after. As a practicing magician, misdirection is my secret assistant and comes in very handy with stealth mode shooting.

Being deaf is no fun, especially when there was a time when I could hear and enjoy music. I took this photograph of this young lady and tipped her hat. I enjoyed watching her “being” and expression.

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