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This is why I never leave home without my Camera.

I leave home expecting to see something that makes my life as a Photojournalist meaningful.

Civil Servants, School Teachers, Doctors, People from Transport for London all went on a nation wide strike over Pay.

These people have taken a stand against poor payment for their work. The whole country has gridded to a halt. That’s 400,000 people striking over their livelihoods.

I caught this today and my photo journalistic instincts kicked in.

I got right amongst it.

Today, I was using the wonderful 27mm F2.8. Unfortunately, this is not the correct Lens for a Demonstration. My preferred Lens would have been the XF18mm F2. This Lens is about me moving in close because it is Wide Angle, but not too Wide, just right.

The 27mm forced me to stand back to make my Frame. I made it work because I am quick and nimble on my feet.

I stand by these people because they are working class, they make the difference to children in schools, patients in Hospitals and commuters who work in the City but live on the outskirts and around the country.

We all are a blessing to each other.

Life falls apart when the very infrastructure breaks down.

People are the heartbeat of economy and the culture of a country.

Thanks for reading.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any”.

Alice Walker

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