Portrait Session - 56mm Day 6

As a Portrait Lens, this is one beautiful piece of equipment.

Absolutely perfect

This image is of my friend Pamela Haynes. We met up this week for my Project A Celebration of Women.

I love the field of view, compression, depth and character. Shooting wide open creates a sharpness and punch which brings the moment to life.

I shot Pamela also using my Nikon SB700 in Manual Mode.

I slightly underexposed the ambient reading and the filled in the details wide open at 1/32FV.

Image later edited slightly in Lightroom.

For Portraits, I have to lock focus because the 56 is too slow on Single Point. This is where I need it to sharpen the eyes. Zone Focus is faster…..for the Streets. I will not use it for Portraits. I like my eyes sharp.

This week Long project of shooting with the 56mm has taught me that it is a great focal length for Street Photography and an even better Lens for Street Portraits and Studio Portraits. I just need to remember to use the best Focus Point Setting for each Context.

This Lens is a keeper and is staying in my bag.📷😀

A Celebration of Women Through Conversation & Photography

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