Daily Practice

As a Professional Magician and Sleight of Hand Artist, I fully understand the need for daily practice. 

Photography is no different. 

It is something I NEED to do. 

I MUST take or create a Photograph every single day. It can be a Photograph of something really boring which I try and make interesting, if I am fortunate, it may turn out to be something quite nice.

These shots are not the greatest, however, I am delighted with them because I was exploring the power of my Fuji X-T1 paired with the 35mm 1.4 Lens. It is important to me to learn how my Camera behaves and how the Lens works in partnership with the Sensor, the light and how it all works together as a responsive unit.

I am happy about one thing; the colour of the Fuji’s are gorgeous.

These images were all shot in Classic Chrome, jpegs straight out of camera.

So today, my images were caught just before the rain decided to play silly buggers. 

I hate shooting in the rain, I do it but I don’t like it. 

My daily practice shooting very often surprises me because I leave the house with no attachment to what images I may create.

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