Quiet Desperation

I was deeply moved by this moment.

He was younger than me.

With the world on his shoulder.

A man and his Dog walked passed, each in their own world.

I realised the Dog wasn’t his.

The Dog was restless.

I observed this sentient being confused and desiring attention.

This was the moment when I experienced the authentic loyalty of man’s best friend.

If a Dog could talk, this one was saying; ok buddy, I know you are sad, I will be sad with you.😥

This experience blew me away.

My words express how it made me feel.

The wonder of Dogs and their never faltering love and loyalty.

This you man never looked up once as I created these images.

This experience convinced me beyond all doubt that Animals feel pain. They can’t express it in word.

Their being speaks louder than any verbal expression.

As for the young man, I can only hope, whatever was on his mind, he finds a quantum of solace.

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