Refinement & Finessing

The 35mm Frame

I love this Frame.

It is perfect.

It is the trade off sweet spot for my eyes.

My wide angle vision is not normal - I am right eye dominant and see almost panoramic. This means seeing a lot of visual real estate for my images.

This means I see in Layers.

Anything from 24mm up to 35mm is my natural visual Frame. I sit right at the edges of 28mm & 35mm.

In fact, the 28mm furling view is where I live comfortably.

This is my visual identity.

My visual expression.

Whatever is caught within this frame is natural to what I saw.

Zooming with my feet is at a minimum.

When using a 35mm I instantly look for an interesting foreground element to my street, urban and landscape images.

It’s amazing how wide the frame is and yet feels normal to how I see.

I have been shooting with the XF23mm 1.4 today and it just feels correct.

The correct ness I fell when using this Lens is about knowing my intuitive distance for framing. It reminds me of when I use my 27mm - that Lens is very special. I will do another project with it, fit now, I am enjoying the classic frame of 35mm.

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