Reframing My Vision

As a graduate of Landmark Education, one of the most critical distinctions taught was the value of “commitment without attachment”.

This means doing what needs to be done without being attached to the outcome. As a magician and image creator, I am committed to telling compelling stories through magic and my images, I am not attached to the tools I use. My training in both disciplines has meant learning to adapt and function with whatever I had with me and also the conditions; venue or light.

I really love doing week long projects with one focal length. This time, it is seeing the expressive visual language of 18mm. I have 18mm on my 18-135mm Lens and my X100T when fitted with the Wide Conversion Lens.

I have to say this has been spectacular - I love Wide Angle Lens: 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and my all time favourite 23mm.

I must thank my fellow image creator Charlene Winfred. Charlene wrote a wonderful article on the 18mm which really got my attention.

Check out her piece Why I want the XF18mmF2 by Charlene Winfred.

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