RV | 40mm Framing

Refining my vision today has been all about the 40mm Frame.

Composition, Framing, Addition & Subtraction.

I had a meet up with my friend Krishnan today. I knew I wanted to test the 40mm Frame as a Portrait Lens.

The Lens did not disappoint.

For Street photography in Oxford Circus, it was all about observing and find my distance - like Joel Meyerowitz.

Getting the Frame I wanted is easy with the 40mm Lens. The 35mm Frame is a classic and getting close in is required, the 50mm requires plenty of room to move and in many case move backwards. The 40mm is nice balance and trade off between the two focal length. It feels effortless.

This Frame was an interesting tap dance in my movements - it worked very nicely.

The wider frame is very deceptive - it feels like a true wide angle. This is the beauty of the 40mm Len.

One Lens that can cover a multitude of subjects.

Thanks for reading.

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