Self Image

Every photograph I take is a self portrait. Thanks to my mentor Bryan Peterson for that beautiful insight.

How do you see your self? 

 Think about this question please. 

 Do you “see” yourself because of your reflection in a mirror? 

 Imagine for a moment if there was no such thing as a mirror and the only face in the whole world you could not see was your own, how would you truly see your self then? 

 This to me is a fascinating thing to ponder because looking good would no longer be a part of your mental dialogue. How you look, external beauty, DNA would no longer impact how you see yourself as a physical entity. 

 Wow, I am really present to something - I have to share this; how I look is no longer an issue for me, ugly, handsome, I really don’t care what the world thinks or feels when it looks at me. Now because of this, my only concern is that my spirit and energy is warm, humane, welcoming, passionate, inviting, seductive and open to others. 

 Could it be that this way of being is all that really matters? 

 Could it be possible that true beauty is not a matter of DNA but an aspect of how we chose be?

Can being authentic in our self expression create an access for others to feel our inner beauty beyond our physical make up? 

 I know what I believe ? 

 What do you believe about your self image and how the world sees you? 

 I can tell you one thing about how I see myself and how others see me; I pay more attention towards peoples behaviour towards me than the words they speak. 

 Behaviour follows intention.

 “Jesus is much more concerned about shaking your foundations, giving you an utterly alternative self image, world image, and God image, and thus reframing your entire reality. Mere inspiration can never do this”. 

Richard Rohr

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