My photography has reached a very interesting point. I don’t need much gear. Yes, I succumbed to the addiction of more and yet, I know I can now create happily with something as simple and humble as the 50mm Lens.

I like the 50mm.

While it’s not my favourite or natural vision, I keep my 50mm to remind me of not getting complacent or too comfortable. Today was was one of those days where I just felt like seeing within the constraints of the 50mm Frame.

The 50mm Frame is simplicity itself.

I regard this Frame as a clean foundation to communicate a simple message.

Today, the message for me was stillness and peace.

I am focusing more on keeping my Frame clean and simple. This means paying attention to the primary subject and the context.

A clean Frame is very beautiful.

The Subject within the Frame is not competing for attention. The Subject compliments the scene.

I am aiming to seek out moments like this.

The simplicity of the 50mm Lens belies its complexity to use with creative intention. This Lens can create masters of photography out of us and set a foundation of knowledge and skill for any focal length.

Thanks for reading

“The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity”.

Douglas Horton

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